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The classical music recording industry has never been so vibrant and exciting as it is now. The majority of new recordings hitting the retail shelves are produced by small independent labels, owned and operated by musicians very much concerned with the quality and diversity of what gets recorded and released, be it on CD or DVD.

Classical Music Sentinel is a music review website that is dedicated to providing recommendations of the best and latest in classical music recordings on the market today. Everything from baroque, chamber music and the renaissance, to orchestral works, opera and contemporary music, can be found here.

Our goal is to present reviews in a concise and candid but knowledgeable manner in order to assist classical music enthusiasts in making their next recording purchase. Our rating system is simple -- There isn't any. Every title listed on this site is very good and definitely worth having. We are always on the lookout for the best recordings.

We are always interested in receiving feedback on the reviews that we provide here, so should you have any comments, suggestions, general impressions or requests that you would like to submit, you can send these along to : feedback@classicalmusicsentinel.com

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