PREMIERES - Hilary Field

PREMIERES - Hilary Field (Guitar) - Contemporary Lyrical Works For The Classical Guitar - 753701010822 - Released: September 2015 - Yellow Tail Records YTC10108

1} Richard Charlton - Suite Latina
2} Douglas Lora - Northeastern Lullaby
3} Jorge Morel - Suite for Olga
4} Jorge Morel - Echoes Del Sur
5} Alberto Cumplida - Retrato Antiguo (a la memoria de John Dowland)
6} Hilary Field - Donzella: Fantasia on a Sephardic Lullaby
7} Victor Kioulaphides - Mimose
8} Nadia Borislova - Preludio and Baiser
9} Gerard Drozd - Berceuse Op. 56
10} Rick Sowash - Reluctant Farewell

More often than not, multiple composer collections like this one, and especially when they're modern composers, always contain a few pieces that are so far out in left field as to be jarring and unpleasant to hear, and leave you no choice but to skip over them or not listen to the CD at all. Definitely not the case this time around. Each and every piece on this disc, some of which were written for, or dedicated to guitarist Hilary Field, are a pleasure to discover and beg for repeated listens, as they bring out the instrument's expressive temperament. After all, the term 'lyrical' is in the title.

Hilary Field instinctively brings out the essence of each piece, either through expressive touches or subtle dynamic nuances that enhance the harmonic flow of the music. She captures well the 'blue' nature of some of the pieces, and lends them a personal touch and deep expression. I've personally not heard this good of a guitar collection in a long time. If you play classical guitar, you should add this new recording to your collection. And even if you don't play, this could very well inspire you to pick up an instrument and start learning.

Jean-Yves Duperron - September 2015