EVOCACION - Brent Poe McCabe (Guitar)

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EVOCACION - Brent Poe McCabe (Guitar) - 884501798303 - Released: October 2012 - Sky Ridge Productions BPM0812

1} Joao Pernambuco - Sons de Carrilhoes
2} Leo Brouwer - Estudio No. 18
3} Leo Brouwer - Estudio No. 11
4} Isaac Albéniz - Mallorca
5} Antonio Lauro - Natalia
6} Antonio Lauro - Andreina
7} Antonio Lauro - El Marabino
8} Fernando Sor - Study No. 20, Op. 31
9} Isaac Albéniz - Asturias
10} Lou Harrison - Serenado por Gitaro
11} Leo Brouwer - Canción de Cuna

One very strong indication that you have a good CD in your collection, is when you feel the need to listen to it time and time again. And this new recording by classical guitarist Brent Poe McCabe certainly begs for my attention on a regular basis. In particular, I enjoy his inspired interpretation of Mallorca by Isaac Albéniz. I've replayed that piece many times over, and it never fails to impress me. His playing throughout is always expressive, evocative, and first and foremost, very musical. He's not only interested in getting the notes right and displaying a polished technique, but also in bringing to the surface each piece's character, harmonic design, and soul.

I also enjoy the fact that, aside from the ever-so-famous and oft-recorded Asturias by Isaac Albéniz, most of the works on tap in this program are not part of the same old lineup of usual suspects generally found on these guitar music collections.

Brent Poe McCabe is a critically acclaimed guitarist, teacher, educator, music director and writer. He brings many facets to his playing that underpin his fluent technique and expressive nature. Here and there on this recording you may hear a few "pinched" notes, but the high level quality of his playing quickly makes these irrelevant and inconsequential. The disc ends with a beautiful rendition of Leo Brouwer's evocative Canción de Cuna which leaves you wanting more. Recommended!

Jean-Yves Duperron - April 2013