Mozart - Requiem

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WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART - Requiem - Teodor Currentzis (Conductor) - The New Siberian Singers - MusicAeterna - 3760014191787 - Released: April 2011 - Alpha 178

This is an eyebrow raising account of one of the most famous pieces, known and admired by everyone from musicians to members of the general public. But famous for what reasons? Numerous recordings, promotion, exposure, mysterious anecdotes, the Hollywood effect, communal recognition, advertising tactics, musical merit, historical significance, fictitious fluff, etc ... whatever the factors involved, this work has acquired an elevated status within the fabric of civilization.

What is so striking about this new recording of the Mozart Requiem, is that director Teodor Currentzis, along with The New Siberian Singers and the ensemble MusicAeterna, have taken it upon themselves to demystify, to tear down the shroud that covers and hides this work's true persona. They deliver a barebones account, that is equally raw and refined, blunt and subtle, sharp and profound. They have managed to remove the many layers of patina that have accumulated on this music through the misinterpretation of over indulgent musicians and singers, and reveal the sparse, unpolished, raw beauty that lies underneath all the layers of bloated fluff surrounding it.

If you are looking to dispense once and for all with that image of the mysterious dark figure from the movie 'Amadeus', this new recording will do the trick. What is front and center here is the music, plain and simple. The brisk tempos, the sharp accents, the clear lines may startle you at first, but that is exactly why this version needs to be heard. The label Alpha once again delivers a lean, clean and impressive recording. Mozart at face value!

Jean-Yves Duperron - April 2011