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PHILIP GLASS - PORTRAIT - ANGÈLE DUBEAU (Violin) - ENSEMBLE LA PIETÀ - 774204872724 - Analekta AN28727

Compared to all other composers, even other minimalist composers, Philip Glass has a very unique sound, very unique inflections and mannerisms in his writing that make him distinctly Philip Glass. Any movie score he has written for countless films, are instantly recognized as being Philip Glass. And now, with this recording, Angèle Dubeau and her string group, have perfectly captured that Philip Glass sound.

The opening piece "La Belle et la Bête" is a signature Glass work, and is performed here with the necessary momentum that gives it its ever looping rhythm and forward drive so typical of some of these pieces. The Suite, from the music for "The Hours", captures the hypnotic effect of the music so well, and the string blend so well done, that you might catch yourself daydreaming along with the ebb and flow of the music.

Other works include the string quartet Mishima, Echorus and Company, all in fine arrangements by Michael Riesman, and include added instrumental support from a piano, harp and celesta. Angèle Dubeau, one of today's leading violinists, has always been a leader in shedding a new and different light on music, and here adds the shimmer of strings to the unique sound of Philip Glass.

If you enjoy Glass and like the sound of a string ensemble, then this recording has just the right combination for you.

Jean-Yves Duperron