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ALBERTO GINASTERA - PANAMBI / ESTANCIA - GISÈLE BEN-DOR (Conductor) - LUIS GAETA (Narrator/Baritone) - LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - 0747313258222 - Naxos 8.557582

If you've never heard music by this fabulous composer from Argentina, then don't miss your chance and get this wonderful recording of two of his most impactful works. He has often been considered the most important South American composer of the 20th century, very much admired by Copland, and actually sounds quite a bit like Copland.

Imagine Copland's style (big sky country, Kansas, cowboys, folk tunes, big open fields, cattle drives, etc.), but add to all that rhythms and folk melodies from Argentina and you'll get a clear picture of what his music sounds like.

The ballet Estancia in particular goes from beautiful, nocturnal, evocative melodies to frantic, driving rhythms all painting a clear picture of life on a cattle ranch in Argentina. This performance really gets inside the music here and delivers a thrilling experience. I tell you, if you don't feel like jumping up and down or dancing around your living room during the last movement of Estancia, well something's not right. Great music!

Jean-Yves Duperron