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FREDERIC CHOPIN - NOCTURNES - IVAN MORAVEC (Piano) - 7559792332 - Nonesuch 79233

This is Chopin you're hearing, not Moravec. With this recording, Moravec has managed to efface himself and become invisible in the sound picture, revealing the soul of Chopin. Each Nocturne seems to be coming from within Chopin's own private world. There is a perfect balance of dynamics at all times, many shades and colors. The balance between both hands is perfect, in that the left hand supports and does not muddle the melodic right hand. Moravec always knows exactly when to accent, sustain, push forward, pull back, brighten or darken the mood, and he does all that without ever sounding effected or self-indulgent. There are many other great Nocturnes available, from Rubinstein, Arrau, etc...and some that should be avoided at all costs. Moravec is certainly one of the best!

Jean-Yves Duperron