Dieterich Buxtehude - Organ Works Vol 2 - Christopher Herrick

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DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE - Complete Organ Works Vol. 2 - Christopher Herrick (Organ) - Organ of Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway - 034571178097 - Hyperion CDA67809

I think I will sum this one up with the phrase 'the little organ that could'. Christopher Herrick has done his usual magic in registration of the musical voices in the music. He is indeed a master of the art of registration. Each line is easy to follow which can be quite rare when listening to organ music. Many performances are a muddy wash of sound when they take on Dieterich Buxtehude. The organ although only of 30 stops is very well balanced in it's plenum sound and it's solo stops which makes for very interesting consort type interplays between the voices in the pieces. Yes, there are some nice reeds and sweet lingual stops as well. A great example of how a smallish organ can still play organ music with umph, gusto and beautiful delicacy. BuxWV 218 is a great example in how with thoughtful registration the different voices have an almost dialogue effect between them. Very much appreciated and enjoyed.

Recording quality is top notch and is only the second time I have really enjoyed listening to this organ. It has been used on many recordings but it seems difficult to capture well. The engineers at Hyperion have done a marvelous job. Highly recommended. I can't wait for volume three!

Mark Kravchenko