JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - And the North German Tradition

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - And the North German Tradition - Martin Neu (Organ) - Hybrid SACD - 4022143925473 - Audite 92547

A recording like this does not come about by chance. A combination of the North German masters played with wonderfull insight into the music itself. The sound is state of the art. The organ is built by Hendrik Ahrend and of masterful tone quality and composition.

So what do you get? A first rate organist in Martin Neu.

What does he play? Well Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Böhm, and Dieterich Buxtehude. It is interesting to note that Bach most likely knew Böhm as a child and did have contact with Buxtehude as an adult. Although Bach transcended the two he was influenced in different ways by both these gentlemen. This disc shows the music of the two older masters and how they influenced Bach. Most educational as well as entertaining.

So we have Böhm's Choral partitas, a few Praludium's by Buxtehude, a Trio by Bach as well as the BWV 532 Prelude and Fugue. Choices of registration are well thought out. The sound of the organ is captured in a most lifelike and interesting manner. Large scale registrations are not overwhelming. There is a clarity that comes from a medium size organ. And this organ in particular where the case depth is so shallow, leaves you very close to any one of the ranks. They all speak with fervor and clarity.

A fine recording in composition and sound quality.

The short vido below, although from a different Audite production, well projects Martin Neu's musicianship.

Mark Kravchenko