JS Bach - Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould

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J.S. BACH - GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - GLENN GOULD (piano) - 1955 Performance - Zenph re-performance - Hybrid SACD/CD disc - Sony 703350

This special re-issue is to celebrate Glenn Gould's anniversary. In 2007, were he still with us, Glenn Gould would be celebrating his 75th birthday, and I'm certain he would have been thrilled to be involved with this project, because of his love for the technical aspects of studio recordings, and he would have been fascinated by today's computer based recording technology.

What exactly is the Zenph re-performance process? I guess you could say that it's piano-roll technology of the 21st century. The computer and software-based process analyses and encodes every detail of how the music was played, including nuances, volume, pedal actions and articulation. That encoding is played back by computers and sophisticated hardware on a modern acoustic grand piano, as if Glenn Gould himself was playing, and you, the audience, are sitting in the same room listening to a live performance. This re-performance is then recorded again using the latest Super-Audio recording equipment. All of this means that the 1955 monaural recording by Gould can now be heard in stereo, multi-channel surround sound, and a special binaural stereo version specifically designed for the ultimate headphone experience.

This performance of great historical importance, recorded over 50 years ago, can now be heard in state-of-the-art sound. Glenn Gould himself would have been very pleased indeed!

Jean-Yves Duperron